On the slopes of Valley of Itria

“Al Boschetto” is located in Noci, also known for its delicious food and wine, in the middle of Apulia. Although small, it contains several treasures, such as its hamlet near to the restaurant, rich of “gnostre”: narrow alleys between the old town buildings which lead to medieval squares and churches, but that’s not even all.

Noci is also characterised by the wonderful surrounding large farms, deeply immersed into centuries-old fields and olive tree groves, and defined by its location, on the slopes of Valley of Itria and very near to famous Apulian destinations, such as Polignano, Alberobello e Castellana Grotte.


Putignano, already famous for its long-lasting and ancient (the oldest one in Europe) Carnival, is also renowned for its karstic cave, known as Trullo’s Cave.


Celebrated anywhere for its typical buildings and “trulli”, it has been declared a World Heritage Site in 1996.

Castellana Grotte

Well-known for its wonderful caves, a system of underground karstic cavities which persists as an important spot in the tourism industry, among the finest and most captivating of Italy.

Valle d'Itria

Also known as the Valley of Trulli, it welcomes the visitor with unique fields of olive trees, born from a red soil which perfumes and makes the surrounding view a sequence of priceless chromatic effects.

Polignano a Mare

Polignano, bithplace of the singer Domenico Modugno with his worldwide famous song “Nel blu dipinto di blu”, fascinates tourists with a string of narrow alleys surrounded by typical white houses and scenic “logge” overlooking the sea.