The secret ingredient

A generous handful of traditional cuisine, a pinch of oil, salt and innovation, and, last but not least, a touch of the typical Apulian hospitality… here’s the “Al Boschetto” recipe.

Giovanni has been taking care of the restaurant along with his family for over 40 years and holds two things dear: his land and its gifts. And thanks to this kind of love, he has transformed high quality 0 km raw materials into unique dishes.

It is well known that certain passions are handed down from generation to generation, so together with his wife Lorenza, who still rolls out a perfect handmade pasta, there are Giovanni’s sons: Pasquale and Giuseppe, and his grandchildren: Giovanni e Giovanna, who have embraced this huge heritage by carrying out the excellent tradition of “Al Boschetto”.

“ Family, care and devotion, excellence, great cooking and... bon appetit! ”

Pasquale Convertini

Our professional maître d’ will be delighted to welcome you. Always very careful about timing between the dining area and the kitchen, he has chosen to take care of guests to give them back that typical belonging of parents, exquisite hosts.

Giuseppe Convertini

To fill each guest with joy. Eating well makes us happy and Giuseppe knows it since childhood, when he peeked at his parents to find out secrets of their recipes. Nowadays, he dedicates himself with overwhelming passion to every stage of cooking, from the purchase of raw materials to their preparation and plating.

Giovanna Convertini

Managerial talent and Apulian heart. Very passionate about numbers and management problems from the beginnings, she has built herself in the field of business administration, a specific decision meant to help her family with skills and proficiency.

Giovanni Convertini

Giovanni will serve you properly, bringing along his grandfather’s name and passion. He will cheerfully, carefully and cordially take your orders, by taking personally care of the “grilled” meat table service, for the select meat lovers.