28th December 1980 – 28th December 2020

Just as every brilliant intuition, “Al Boschetto” finds its origin into a special priority: spending more time with family.

The founder, Giovanni, was forced to constantly travel because of work and at lunch he used to love stopping by restaurants along the way to keep up with his great taste.

One day he enters a family-run restaurant and falls in love with that typical “homeliness”: an intimate, warm and genuine atmosphere; so he decides to radically change his life by dedicating himself to cooking and family, then talks about it with his enthusiastic wife Lorenza and children…and after many years of sweat and tears, on the 28th of December 1980, after Christmas family celebrations, they inaugurate “Al Boschetto”. The format was pretty simple, yet successful: love for good cooking and guests, high quality raw materials by local farmers and a small garden, rich of seasonal vegetables.

Today, his sons and grandchildren are in charge of “Al Boschetto”, who share his ideas and passions, looking at the present and future of food service.